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AIM Research Centre (AIMRC)

In July 2012, AIM established the Australian Institute of Music Research Centre (AIMRC).

As an initial set of foci, AIMRC set up the following projects:

• Hosting of an annual International Conference Musicum20
• Initiation of a monthly Staff Research Forum
• Establishment of an Expert Opinion Register
• Initiation of an Occasional Paper Series
• Invitations for Visiting Scholars


► 2013 Nagoya Program
► 2014 Hong Kong Program
► 2015 Korea Program
► Abstract

MUSICUM20 is an international co-operative venture that brings together a range of adjunct personnel from a range of institutions that are keen to deliver product to our students; send their students to us for instruction; and participate in an international exchange and dialogue that will raise the AIM graduate profile quite considerably. The ultimate aim is to have 20 partners worldwide that work cooperatively with us at a number of levels.

Staff Research Forum

► View the 2012/2013 Presentation Series

It is evident that staff would like the opportunity to present their current research efforts and engage in scholarly discourse on a regular basis. Staff members are given the opportunity to present their current research and the audience discuss and explore issues around the focus. A summary of discussion and findings will be synthesized. All staff are encouraged to attend, this includes full-time and casual academic staff as well as any interested student services staff and graduate students. The Chair, Academic Board and Graduate Studies facilitates each forum and encourages input and discussion.

Expert Opinion Register

► View the Expert Registry list

A significant part of the developing profile of AIM is the opportunity for qualified and appropriate staff to be called upon (on behalf of the organisation) to provide expert opinion when required. Staff members are encouraged to nominate their areas of speciality. The working list is then reviewed and endorsed by the Senior Executive of AIM and the formal register is published and made available to media sources and outlets accordingly.

Occasional Paper Series

The chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee, Emeritus Professor Tony Shannon, has instigated the generation of a series of Occasional Papers from AIM full-time and casual staff. These papers will be made available online in the near future.

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