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Home > Blogs > From the Hub > July 2016 > 99 Problems but Pokémon Go Aint One
99 Problems but Pokémon Go Aint One

99 Problems but Pokémon Go Aint One

13 July 2016
This week Nintendo finally released their behemoth and new flagship game ‘Pokémon Go’ - ushering in a wave of 90’s nostalgia all around the globe. 

The cultural impact of the game is unprecedented and starting to show its cracks all over the world already - this week alone it’s already assisted thieves, aided in criminal investigations and now the effect of the game is slowly starting to emerge in other industries.

Polygon reports that initial reports from Spotify indicate that worldwide streaming of the Pokémon Theme Song ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ has increased by “more than 360% alone” in addition to the over 190 thousand playlists which include Pokémon in the title.  Businesses around the globe have been capitalising on the sensation and the exact same principles can be applied to your next gig.

Most PokéStops are found around shopping centres, cafes, convenience stores and in some circumstances live music venues. Next time you’re playing a gig why not throw up a lure at the nearest PokéStop to try and lure in some new fans? Or put a lure over your music venue and add some drink/food specials to encourage customers to come and catch ‘em all and some live entertainment.

Is there Pokégym located near your live music venue? Entice groups of players into your venue to discover a new audience of music lovers. Incorporate it into your marketing- advertise that there is a Mewtwo located inside your venue and watch a group of confused Pokémon fans try and throw Pokéballs at a band through their smartphones.

Pokémon go is here to stay – keep an eye out to see how the music industry adapts to this new phenomenon and if you have any ideas/thoughts on how it may shape the industry, comment them below!

Just make sure you keep an eye on your surroundings at all times so you don’t end up like this guy…