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Placement Program

Through its Placement Program, the Bachelor of Performance  provides practical training opportunities as performers, creative team members, and producers for the independent theatre scene.

All degree students are required to undertake an Industry Placement to complete their degree. The Placement Program provides an opportunity for students to make industry connections and familiarise themselves with the performing arts community. In return, students offer the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have developed during their studies to a creative workplace.

Preview a Potential Employee

Host organisations are given an opportunity to utilise an Industry Placement student as a resource. They are able to preview suitably qualified students, soon to be graduating, who are seeking to make their own work and support the work of others in the independent arts and entertainment sector.

From generalist administrative skills to theatrical know-how on specific projects, a Bachelor of Performance Industry Placement student can fill a practical gap in human resources while gaining artistic and administrative mentorship. Placement students are informed and skilled and ready to enter the arts and entertainment sector.

AIM's Acting & Theatre Students Demonstrate:

  • Clear Communication Skills: The key ingredient of training in Acting, Voice, Improvisation, Storytelling, Corporate Performance, and Presentation Skills.
  • Good Time Management: The rigour of a professional performing arts course means our students are punctual and prepared, can prioritise and schedule, and are able to meet deadlines.
  • Individual / Team Player Awareness: All students in the course have taken leadership roles on a variety of projects, and the development of a supportive and active ensemble mindset makes these student ideal team players.
  • Organisational & Planning Skills: Studies in Production & Stage Management, Design, and Directing encapsulate these.
  • Administrative & Budgeting Skills: Units of study in Production & Stage Management and Financial Management expose all students to these.
  • Flexibility, Adaptability & Problem Solving Skills: These are nurtured in a variety of work methods, performance styles, spaces, and schedules; exposure to guest artists, lecturers and industry stakeholders; and the intellectual side of academic study.
  • Writing, Editing, Marketing, and Digital Media Skills: Throughout the degree, these skills are developed in Promotions & Publicity, Digital Film Making, Digital Archive, and Online Profile.

Placement Coordinator

Margaret Spillane has over a decade of experience working in tertiary education at Bond University, the Actors College of Theatre & Television (ACTT) and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Margaret has an extensive background in performing arts administration including Marian Street Theatre, Footbridge Theatre (for the Gordon Frost Organisation) and large events including World Expo in Brisbane and the Festival of Sydney. Margaret holds a Masters degree in Communication Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and a Certificate of Education Studies.

More Information

The Placement Coordinator helps to develop and manage relationships with host organisations, monitors the Placement student, and will ensure that the organisation and student receive the best possible outcome.

Students or potential placement partners may contact:
Margaret Spillane
Placement Coordinator
T: (02) 9219 5426

E: mspillane@aim.edu.au

Bachelor of Performance: 068271D