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Bachelor of Music (Audio)
Audio at AIM
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Course overview:

Full-time Duration
3 Years: 6-9 Study Periods (SP)
Start Dates
SP1: 22 Jan, SP2: 14 May, SP3: 3 Sept
Course Location
Sydney ONLY
Entry by
Course Available to
Domestic & International Students
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Course Code (Bachelor)
Course Code (Diploma)

The Bachelor of Music (Audio) is a thorough and complete study of sound engineering and music technology. 

Major Studies

Combines 3 technology streams:

1. Audio Major Study Stream

This stream is highly practical. During stage 1 and 2, students learn the foundation mixing and recording skills, and then choose one of four specialised audio pathways.

The benefit for AIM students is that they learn specialised skills in the area they are most interested in and will gain experience and knowledge in that environment.

Four Pathways

The specialised pathways commence at stage 3, and are as follows:

    1. The Professional Studio – students undertake a variety of music recording and mixing projects using our state of the art studio facilities.
    2. Live Sound Production – students gain practical experience and insight in a variety of on-campus and off-campus venues. This involves recording and mixing in the fast-paced world of the live music concert.
    3. Media Post-Production – students undertake a number of sound design, recording and mixing projects specifically targeted for film and games production.
    4. The Digital Studio – students develop highly technical skills in the areas of synthesis, sampling and sound programming, perfect for todays contemporary electronic sound.

2. Audio Technology Stream

Focuses on the theoretical aspects of sound engineering including; acoustics, perception of hearing, digital audio, sampling, electronics and 
system design.

3. Digital Technology Stream

Focuses on the software 
used in the field of sound and music production. All units are undertaken in 
the Digital Media lab with access to 
digital audio workstations.


In a small group setting, teamwork skills of collaboration and communication are developed as performance is focused on awareness, preparation and 
commitment to common goals.

Associated Studies

Students select associated studies from a range of performance, production, management, media and technology units to either focus their music education or explore wider opportunities.

Academic Studies

All Bachelor of Music students undertake a series of Academic Studies units. These units cover theoretical and aural musicianship as well as historical and cultural studies of music. In the Foundation stages (1–2) of the degree, students cover a broad range of music styles and genres, including western art music and contemporary popular music. In the Industry stages (3–6) of the degree, students are able to focus their critical thinking in a variety of specialist areas including contemporary, jazz, baroque, classical, romantic, avant garde, music theatre, film, roots music, world music and latin music.


With a network of more than 1200 performance, production and management students and unsurpassed performance, production and teaching facilities, AIM courses promote creative collaboration essential to career success, setting AIM graduates apart.

Q Recording Studios

With the best in digital and vintage analog production equipment, Q Studios is our state-of-the-art recording facility, custom designed and built into AIM’s main campus. Recordings can be captured from the fully equipped studio spaces, from any control room in the facility, with video monitoring 
and the ability to record live performances.

AIM Facilities

Apart from Q Studios, AIM also has numerous fully equipped live performance spaces and concert hall, making it the ideal place to learn the craft of both live and studio sound engineering.

Teaching Staff

AIM audio teaching staff is made up of active and successful audio specialists with extensive national and international experience.