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AIM Senior Secondary College


The Australian Institute of Music Senior Secondary College (AIM SSC) is a dedicated Year 11 and 12 High School, catering for students who are serious and passionate about pursuing their goals in the performing arts industry. 

Unlocking the Potential of Young Minds in the Creative Industry
As a music and creative arts speciality high school, AIM Senior Secondary College provides students with the opportunity to study all of the creative arts, including HSC music, dance, drama, visual arts and academic subjects. AIM SSC caters to the student’s individual strengths and talents within each subject, providing a focus on an academic approach to the creative arts as well as creating bodies of work or major projects that reflect their passion.

We empower our students by promoting their sense of self-belief, helping them realise their full potential, encouraging teamwork and mutual respect, and providing a safe, supportive environment. We deliver a mature approach to educational and extra-curricular activities by placing trust at the core of the teaching/learning process.

The lessons and qualities derived from study in music and performing arts (self-discipline, empathy, curiosity, and a constant drive for excellence) are critical to inspiring a lifelong passion for learning and self-growth.

And, most importantly, the values of openness, mutual respect and actively empowering students sit at the heart of everything we do at AIM SSC. 
Course Structure 

Students can undertake a Preliminary Year (Year 11) and a Higher School Certificate (HSC) (Year 12). In the Preliminary Year, students become familiar with the course structure, skills and content required to complete the HSC. Mornings are spent teaching NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) subjects and afternoons are focused on Industry Workshops, Masterclasses and AIM’s 10 week Short Courses in a variety of music and creative arts focussed areas.

AIM SSC's HSC Subjects and Year 11 Preliminary Units are listed here. 

Our Teachers 
All AIM SSC teachers are subject-specific experts with tertiary qualifications recognised by NESA, and many are experienced HSC markers. AIM SSC teachers can equip students with the head-start needed for entering the next stage of their educational and/or professional careers.

Our small class sizes encourage collaboration, foster positive relationships between staff and students, and allow students to receive more individualised learning experiences. 
Our Pastoral Care
Our SSC Pastoral Care is integrated throughout the entire structural organisation to effectively meet the personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of students and staff. We monitor students’ overall progress, and offer unique Buddy Programs and Student Leadership Programs.

Our Facilities
AIM SSC sits within our AIM Sydney campus. Students have their own exclusive area separate from the AIM Music School which includes classrooms, lockers, dance/drama space, and digi-labs featuring Mac computers. SSC students also receive access to AIM’s on-campus recording studios, rehearsal rooms, dance studios, music library and cafeteria.

Student Intakes
Intake months: June and September
Year 11 Preliminary Year auditions occur the year before commencement of study. Alternative arrangements can be made for students who are unable to attend auditions in June or September or who live overseas.

Course Duration 
All academic subjects are NESA-endorsed and run for approximately 120 hours.
Year 11 Preliminary Year course duration:
32 weeks (3 terms and 2 weeks)
Year 12 HSC course duration:
38 weeks (3 terms and 8 weeks)

International Students 
AIM SSC is committed to full compliance with International Student Compliance legislation through the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS). AIM welcomes international unaccompanied minors (students under the age of 18). It is vital that welfare arrangements satisfy the requirements of the school and current legislation.

Accommodation & Welfare 
AIM SSC is a non-residential campus based in Sydney, however AIM can recommend students to Homestay providers. We require international students under 18 years of age to have a guardian for the duration of their studies. The guardian will be required to meet with the Principal prior to school commencing. Once approved, the school will monitor and care for the student’s welfare arrangements.

The HSC is the highest educational award in NSW schools. It is awarded to students who successfully complete Years 11 and 12 in NSW. The HSC is an internationally-recognised credential that provides a foundation for entering tertiary study, vocational training or employment. The academic courses at our SSC follow the NESA syllabus, and the outcomes gained are:

• Completion of Year 11 Preliminary Course Certificate

• Higher School Certificate (NESA)
• Eligibility to enter other Australian university programs

AIM SSC is fully accredited with the NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA no:20030) to deliver the NSW HSC. 

Providing Pathways for Higher Education
The two-year HSC program effectively nurtures and allows students to reach their goals across a plethora of subjects, where students will learn the skills to become a practicing artist and industry professional. As well as achieving HSCs in academic fields that students have a true interest in, AIM’s Senior Secondary College also provides a direct pathway for higher education within their chosen creative field. A unique advantage is that AIM SSC’s Pathway Program exempts students from auditions for The Australian Institute of Music’s Undergraduate Degrees, alleviating the stress of the unknown and preparing students for tertiary education.
AIM delivers 10 Week Short Courses in a variety of areas including Electronic Music, Theatre Techniques and Music Production. AIM SSC students have exclusive access to these short courses at no extra cost. The advantage of SSC students having access to any of the 10 week courses allows a total saving of $3570 if they were to enroll for each Short Courses. These courses are enabled to be a foundational stepping stone to prepare them for entry into higher education courses, as well as providing the opportunity to receive a letter of offer for early entry for AIM Tertiary degrees.

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