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AIM Recording Studios

* Sydney Campus

All students who study a music course at AIM have the opportunity to record in AIM Sydney's custom designed recording Studios.

1-17 Foveaux St, Sydney - Building A

Particularly if you study a Bachelor of Music (Audio), AIM's state of the art recording studios will be your home for much of the time. It’s the ideal place to learn sound engineering and its integration into the broader music and entertainment industries, preparing students for a diverse audio industry career.

Digital & Vintage Analogue

The studios feature a mix of both cutting edge digital & vintage analogue recording equipment. The studios feature 7 control rooms and 7 dedicated & acoustically treated studio spaces for professional quality recording projects. Recordings can be captured in any of the 7 studio spaces from any control room in the facility, and is fully equipped with video monitoring.

Control Room 1
 - The SSL Room

Features our flagship SSL SL4000G+ large format, analogue-mixing console. The  SSL is unique to educational facilities in Australia. This high-end professional recording console is only found in the top studios throughout the world.

AIM students have the unique opportunity to use this facility for their numerous recording and mixing projects. Recording utilises a Pro Tools HD|2 system capable of 24 channels at 96KHz in addition to a Studer A827 vintage tape machine, which can also be used for recording a pure analogue signal. In addition, a selection of classic outboard gear adorns either side of the console including effects such as: the Lexicon 480L, Eventide H3000-DFX and TC Electronics 2290. Monitoring is through either a pair of crisp Adam A7 reference monitors or larger than life Tannoy 215 DMT II’s.

This studio represents the finest the professional studio environment has to offer, and is perfect for professional band recording and mixing.

Control Room 2 - The ICON Room

Based on Pro Tools software and a Digidesign ICON digital control surface console, this studio has been optimised for 5.1 surround sound mixing. Monitoring is done through 5x Genelec speakers with an additional low frequency driver or a stereo pair of ATC monitors. 24 channels of simultaneous recording are possible at audiophile sample rates of 192KHz. Signal is recorded via a pair of Digidesign Mic Pre’s or two Avalon 737 tube preamps. A comprehensive suite of  Waves plug ins are installed and ready for mix down. This studio is optimised for professional film mixing and recording work, mastering or music recording.

Control Room 3 - The Control 24 Room

Control room 3 features a Digidesign Control 24 paired with 16 channels of high quality analog to digital conversion. The Control 24 features 16 inbuilt preamps and there are also two external Focusrite ISA220 channel strips. Monitoring consists of Dynaudio BM5As and Yamaha NS-10Ms. The studio provides the perfect environment for band or solo artist recording, or overdubs.

Control Room 4 - The C24 Room

Based around a Digidesign Pro Tools HD system, and C24 control surface, this space is designed for Post Production video work and 5.1 mixing. Students create and mix film soundtracks and utilise their technical, and creative production skills. Foley, voiceover, and music can be recorded in this space, so that students get real world experience in this growing industry.

Control Room 5 - The Tascam Room

Perfectly equipped for learning the fundamentals of studio recording and mixing, Control Room 5 features a Tascam M-700 analogue mixing console for 24 channels of audio, linking into cutting edge converters connecting to a native Pro Tools setup. Outboard equipment includes several effects units and signal processing tools. Control Room 4 is equipped with a pairs of Dynaudio BM5As and Yamaha NS-10M’s for monitoring.

Control Room 6 - The Behringer Digital Studio

An entry-level recording studio built around a Beringer X32 digital console complete with Pro Tools 11, Native Instruments Komplete 10 and Abelton 9 Suite. This room is used by Bachelor of Music students studying the Digital Studio pathway as their major study. Our Diploma students learn this studio too, to gain foundation skills and knowledge.

Control Room 7 - A114

Based around an analog Toft split monitoring console and Pro Tools 10 system. The room is primarily used to record live performances and concerts that take place in the adjourning A113 live performance venue.


The studios are also well stocked with today’s industry standard microphones, including a collection of Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser and Shure microphones.

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