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Home > News > AIM – JAM NIGHT MARCH 2017
The Perfect Jam

Who doesn’t love a good jam session?

 You know the kind I’m talking about – no rules, no inhibitions, and no idea how loose it’ll get.
At AIM, we’ve been holding official jam nights for the last few years. The latest one was on Thursday 30th March at World Bar in Sydney’s Kings Cross, organised by the AIM Student Association (ASA).

And it was pretty epic.
By the time the night kicked off, the place was packed with AIM students – both past and present – and their friends, plus some members of the public who weren’t sure what they’d wandered into. (But once the music started, they didn’t want to be anywhere else.)
The house band – made up of AIM students – opened the night at 8pm and set a great vibe. Then it was a glorious, unpredictable free-for-all. (Well, the spirit of the night was unpredictable, where spontaneity reigned supreme. The actual music playing was rather civilised.)

That’s the beauty of AIM students. They’re not just talented – they’re creative and gloriously gifted, and our jam nights enable them to get loose and flex their creative muscles in a fun, relaxed environment where no-one knows what the next song will be, and everyone is welcome to jump on stage.
Being surrounded by like-minded music aficionados also allows students to network and form potentially lifelong friendships with people who are following a similar music journey.
This latest jam session was a huge success and delivered a strong feeling of inclusivity, with students from many different faculties joining in. Music theatre and Contemporary were represented, as well as Classical and Audio. People performed solos, and groups belted out numbers loud enough for Surry Hills to hear.
One of the ASA’s main goals is to promote overall integration and inclusivity at AIM – and that’s exactly what these jam sessions are achieving.
Well done to everyone who performed, sorry for anyone who missed out (it was a fully-packed night), and stay tuned for the next one!

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