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AIM Alumni Perform Alongside Adele

Think about it. You're up on stage- let's say you're at ANZ stadium- performing in front of a crowd of 90,000 screaming fans. Life made, right? Well, now imagine you're singing with Adele... if you thought "OH EM GEE!" you'd be right there with me when I discovered that a group of AIM Alumni got to do just that.


 If you were lucky enough to be in the audience during Adele's run of shows in Sydney, it's likely that you would have been wow'd and amazed by AIM Alum Jake Tyler, Glenn Whitehall, Daniel Bell,  Sean Sinclair, Nicholas Gentile, and Sebastian Nelson, who helped make up the large "Bond Men" choir during her performance of Skyfall - written for the James Bond feature film of the same name released in 2012. 
To cure my curiosity, I sat down with Jake to get the juicy goss:
Wow, Adele! How did you gain the opportunity to work in the choir? 
 I was given the amazing opportunity after having recently been apart of Carols by Cabaret at the Hayes theatre co last year. Shocked would have been an understatement!
So you were asked to be involved by the networking contacts that you made through Hayes, is that right? 
What was your favourite part of the whole experience and or production?
To be honest, the entire experience was mind-blowing. Performing on stage with the other boys, having over 96,000 people cheering you on at the ANZ Stadium was incredible, but to sing with Adele was the icing on the cake. 
Were you able to meet and speak with her backstage?
As you can imagine Adele is a very busy woman, so unfortunately not personally, but during sound check she was extremely supportive and thankful for having us be a part of the Sydney tour. Being able to share the stage with her was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Did anything go wrong on stage or was it all smooth sailing?
Thankfully it was all smooth sailing! The communication between us and the entire crew made sure we were all confident in knowing exactly what we need to do. 
How many other current or past AIM students were involved?
There were about 6 of us; Daniel Belle, Sean Sinclair, Nicholas Gentile, Sebastian Nelson, Glenn Whitehall and myself. #AIMREPRESENT
How do you feel AIM prepared you for such a gig?
Everything I learnt at AIM was put into practice. Everything from learning harmonies quickly, to being able to sight read was so helpful, but most importantly learning the professionalism was what got me through.
What degree did you achieve from AIM? 
I received a Bachelor of Music majoring in Musical Theatre. 
Do you have any advice for students who wish to achieve these types of experiences within their future careers?
Still being quite fresh in the industry, I would say to take every single opportunity to network and perform. Passion, professionalism and persistence (and kindness) will go a long way.

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