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Workshops, Presentations and Support Programs.

Purpose: To aid technical knowledge and enhancement, provide academic support, and share top tips in areas such as communications, writing and referencing, time management and stress management. 

  • Digital Support Sessions  
  • Library Support Sessions
  • Academic Support Sessions
  • Life Skills and Wellbeing Workshops
  • PASS Program. (Peer Assisted Study Sessions)

Digital Support Sessions 

Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm
Fridays 1pm - 2pm
A204 (Digital Media Lab, Sydney campus)
Drop-in and appointment-based sessions are available for advice on:
  1. SharePoint and log-ins
  2. SharePoint navigation
  3. Assignment uploads
  4. General digital advice including instruction on the use of Logic, Musescore, Sibelius.

Library Support Sessions

Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm                                                                                                 
AIM Library (Sydney campus)
Sessions offer advice and assistance with:
  1. Referencing, citations and bibliographies
  2. Researching
  3. Other general library information

Academic Support Sessions

Every lunchtime 1pm -2pm
Individual appointments are available by emailing studentlife@aim.edu.au 
A413 (Sydney campus)
What these offer:
Individual and group sessions for advice on any academic-related matters


PASS Program (Peer Assisted Study Sessions)

Week 4 onwards
To be decided on a case-by-case basis. Contact Christoph Blickling at Studentlife@aim.edu.au for information.
How to arrange:
Contact Christoph Blickling at Studentlife@aim.edu.au 
What PASS offers:
Our PASS program facilitates space to co-create better educational and independent learning environments whilst gaining the understanding and skill development needed for successful future careers. These are student-driven sessions facilitated by PASS program leaders and mentored by key AIM staff.

Presentations and Workshops

Attending AIM is not only about achieving your success academically – it’s also the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, and with integrity.
Throughout the trimester, Student Life holds presentations and workshops both in class and during free periods which are interactive and practical, and leave you with tools for successful ongoing learning and living. 
Life Skills Workshops
AIM prides itself on not only supporting students in achieving academic success, but also providing opportunities for all students to develop their personal life success.
These workshops are practical, engaging and informative, helping to break restrictive personal barriers and remove negative mental images that restrict us from experiencing a harmonious flow in all that we do.
Without striving for perfection, we look at common issues such as time management, effective communications, work/life/study balance, professional integrity, and leadership, addressing what it is that limits our abilities to succeed in these areas of our life and what change is required to succeed.
All workshops facilitate a space for personal and professional development whilst providing tools for life success. 
Wellbeing Workshops
These are interactive presentations that include practical activities with the intention of increasing body awareness/self-awareness and self-responsibility. This gives you a space to identify and initiate the change required to support a more centred and balanced being in all facets of life.